Coming up for air:

Learning to breath deep into your pelvic area while in yoga positions will bring new awareness to your sexual-core while reducing tension throughout the entire body. Better Sex Through Yoga teaches you to breath into tight areas, so the breath actually stretches hard to reach internal areas from within the body. This is vital to restoring deep down areas in ones sexual core, by releasing trapped pockets of tension and stimulating blood flow to the area.

Yogic breathing combined with the positions enables one to enjoy awkward sex positions without running low on air. Learning to use all your lungs independently of other muscles, keeps one feeling young and passionate love making a pleasure of freedom.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to learning how to take control over ones breath, smooth it down, yet keep it full, deep and strong so during physically active sex one doesn't cramp or lose the moment because they can't breath and their blood circulation is lacking oxygen.

Being able to breath effectively through the nose will make kissing forever and doing a whole lot more with your mouth possible, without gasping for air.

Some people say that speeding up the breath can help women achieve orgasm faster or make it at least look more convincing that they are. Better Sex Through Yoga does have fast breathing exercises that will help you focus directly on breathing and learning to control and be comfortable with your breathing. Ultimately what ever your pleasure, comfortable breathing makes it easier to relax, enjoy and let yourself go, no matter what the position.