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New York Magazine Story about Better Sex Through Yoga: click me.'s Better Sex Through Yoga story: click me

For that sexy some what dominatrix leg and arm warmer look featured on the covers of the Better Sex Through Yoga videos, along with the hot pants, all soft stretchy high end cotton sexy dance/yoga wear outfits, check out KD Dance, they work wonders in the bedroom.

For "unabashed, no apologies" great Ashtanga Mysore & lead classes In New York's East Village, visit Cuban Yoga Goddess Patti Perez's: Shiva Shala. She'll whip your eight limbs into shape in no time. Maybe even give you one of her rock star hair cuts like she used to for Vogue before she gave that up for a life of glamourous yoga. God bless her!

Pioneers of the Environment Solar Power Knap Sacks! Power your ipod naturally with a Sakku Bags.

Great Ashtanga In Los Angeles visit: Yoga East

Yoga in San Francisco check out Katchie's Yoga Sangha. NYC dearly misses her!

If you are or have gay friends who need yoga and only think about one thing or two, maybe three interweaving subjects revolving around sex and sexuality, have them check out the Better Sex Through Yoga for Gay Men video or Aaron Star's Hot Nude Yoga. After all Yoga's for everybody, even red state homosexuals. However, Aaron's classes are members only, no improper gawking or touching allowed like in those straight people classes.

For a non-stop exhustive review of fitness videos and cook books, cause how in the world can you enjoy cooking if you don't stay in shape, visit Rebecca's website: Seasoned With Love.

If you speak Russian and think this website is breaking the rules by mixing sex with yoga check out: - beauty/yoga - yoga/beauty those Russians sure do appreciate the work of art the female body is. What the combination of naked women not doing yoga and talking about yoga is? That I'm not sure. But Russians doing yoga instead of waging war is a good thing.

For our tough girl friends returning from US Military service, thank you and check out the Empowerment Society at:

A poem about the Better Sex Through Yoga videos by Maureen Glaude

The site that links all sties mentioned on the Howard Stern show and yes we did a segment which was fun, but it was for the other Better Sex Through Yoga team:

A yoga site in Dutch:

A Link to other fitness links pages and pages of links.

Murry in the morning show link, interview with Jacquie, click here.

The Yoga Shop in the UK.

A link from the Official Fertility Experts.

A directory about Sex Health for Russian women. The videos were recently licensed to Russia and they seem to be getting into the concept.

A link from the Yoga Directory.

A link from what seems to be a german angel site.

Cartoons on businesscards that make sense at the moment at Gaping Void.

Pink Football

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