Better Sex Through Yoga - uses yogic techniques to locate and strengthen what's called your pubococcygeal muscle (pc muscles) located deep inside your pelvis and crucial to improving your sex life. The PC Muscles can become rather dilapidated after years of sitting and bad posture. For both women and men these muscles are connected to the genitalia. Meaning increased blood flow and toning of these muscles will bring about heighten sensation and pleasure, not to mention performance.

Strengthening your PC muscles remains a focus of your practice throughout the series.

Locating your PC muscles is easy. They are the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. (Too often they are confused with the abdominal muscles)

FOR WOMEN, strong PC muscles produce more intense orgasms and provide a greater internal grip on the penis.

FOR MEN, working the PC's leads to stronger erections and being able to control when one's ejaculates. Some men have been known to have mini orgasms without ejactualing and thus able to make love longer before coming to final climax.